Intermediate 2nd Year Physics Important Questions [PDF]

Intermediate 2nd Year Physics Important Questions
Intermediate 2nd Year Physics Important Questions

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Intermediate 2nd Year Physics Important Questions

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Type of Board: State Governmental Board of School Education

Chapter Wise Marks Weightage for Inter 2nd Year Physics

2Ray Optics& Optical Instruments116
3Wave optics14
4Electric Charges and Fields14
5Electro Static Potential14
6Current Electricity18
7Moving Charges and Magnetism116
8Magnetism and Matter24
9Electro Magnetic Induction14
10Alternating Current12
11Electro Magnetic Waves12
12Dual Nature and Radiation24
15Semiconductor and Electronics116
16Communication System12
Total Number of Questions108376

Study Material for Inter 2nd Year Physics PDF

Unit – 1 WavesWaves
Unit – 2 Ray Optics & Optical InstrumentsRay Optics & Optical Instruments
Unit – 3 Wave OpticsWave Optics
Unit – 4 Electric Charges and FieldsElectric Charges and Fields
Unit – 5 Electrostatic PotentialElectrostatic Potential and Capacitance
Unit – 6 Current ElectricityCurrent Electricity
Unit – 7 Moving Charges and MagnetismMoving Charges and Magnetism
Unit – 8 Magnetism and MatterMagnetism and Matter
Unit – 9 Electromagnetic InductionElectromagnetic Induction
Unit – 10 Alternating CurrentAlternating Current
Unit – 11 Electromagnetic WavesElectromagnetic Waves
Unit – 12 Dual Nature of Radiation and MatterDual Nature of Radiation and Matter
Unit – 13 AtomsAtoms
Unit – 14 NucleiNuclei
Unit – 15 SemiconductorsSemi Conductor Electronics Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits
Unit – 16 Communication SystemCommunication Systems